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Re: [Xen-devel] Doamin controller guidelines

>   Kindly provide me some basic informnation on how to enahnce
>   the XEN domain controller code for my newly ported front-end/back-end
> driver. I trying to dig into mailing lists but could not find something for
> domain controller enhancement (2.0.5 XEN) .  Though i found doc/misc/  very
> helpful for FE/BE  but nothing there to help in domain controller.

Look in: tools/python/xen/xend/server/{blk,net}if.py

These implement the domain-controller end of the protocol.  Other relevant 
code is in controller.py and channel.py (also in that directory).  Currently 
this code uses the Deferred objects in the Twisted Matrix framework to 
implement this in a non-blocking way.  If you ever look at supporting 
unstable / 3.0, you should be aware a Xend rewrite is in progress for the 
unstable tree that will eliminate use of Twisted and use language level 
threads - allowing you to block instead of using Deferreds.

If you need configuration details in the domain config file, you'll also need 
to modify the xm tool and various other parts of Xend.  You might find 
tracing through how block or net configuration works a helpful exercise is 
this case.

I'm personally curious what your front / back end is ;-)  Will we get to see 
it some time?


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