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Re: [Xen-devel] HELP!!!! problem in connecting DomU with xen-2.0.5+linux-2.4.29-xen0+linux-2.4.27-xenU

Just got the network work for me.

I just did ifconfig vif?.0 up. Looks like the vif is not activated. Why?
My solution is apparently not a final solution. :(


On Sun, 1 May 2005, zhaoxin wrote:

> Hi,
> I used to use xen 2.0.1 with linux-2.4.27-xen0/U. The network works fine for
> me. But after I switched to Xen 2.0.5, I failed to connect to DomU.
> I did ifconfig, I cannot even find the vif1.0 or something ilke that. What's
> wrong?
> My network setting is like this: two network cards on my machine, one has
> public IP 141.123.10.XX(eth0), the other has internal IP
> The DomU IP is assigned to:
> Another question, I use eth1 to talk to DomU, but /etc/xen/script/network
> always put eth0 into xen-br0. Even if I manually change it, it will go back
> to eth0 after next xen source code compile and installation. It seems that
> xen installation will copy some files to overwrite the network file. How can
> I modify it to survive the new xen installation?
> Any advice is highly appreciated!
> -x

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