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RE: [Xen-devel] How to query the number of vcpus?

> > I think so -- might as well get the interface right. I was thinking 
> > something like the fd mask that get's passed to select, where you 
> > sepcify the highest set bit.
> In some cases Xen returns a cpumap to the guest (in 
> getdomaininfo). In that case the fd mask trick won't really 
> work as the guest needs to know in advance the biggetst map 
> that Xen may return. Anyway, a map of
> 256 bits is going to give us a fair amount of headroom I think.

Why do we need to ever return a cpumap to the guest? Being able to read
CPU pining information out isn't very useful, and both CPUs and VCPUs
can be enumerated in the normal manner. Is there something I've


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