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[Xen-devel] can dom0 use a virtual interface ( vif0.0 ? ) instead of a physical one?


At first i want to thank you for your work on such a wonderful piece of 
software. If can get my setup running as planned it will help me to use my 
hardware ressources in a much more efficient way.

I'm a xen newbie an trying to setup following environment:

xen-2.0.4 compiled from source
hardware: 2 PIV 3GHz Processors, 1GB RAM, 2 NICs
Dom0: Debian Sarge kernel 2.6.10 on xen-br0
Dom1: the same on xen-br0
Dom2: the same on xen-br1

eth0: on xen-br0
eth1: on xen-br1

Question: can I setup the network in dom0 on a virtual interface instead of 
the bridge device or the physical device? I'm asking this because I want to 
set up iptables to protect each host by itself. I tried to set up some rules 
in dom0 while using the xen-br0 as the interface but if i do so the guest 
dom1 looses network connectivity. Perhaps i have overseen something so any 
hint would be highly appreciated.


David Prüm

Hochschule der Medien
Studiengang Informationsdesign
Wolframstrasse 32

D-70191 Stuttgart
++49 (0)711 25706 114

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