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Re: [Xen-devel] vanderpool articles

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005, Tim Freeman wrote:

3 of a series of 4 articles about Vanderpool.

Intel Vanderpool holds promise, some pitfalls

Intel Vanderpool: the thorns, the thorns

Intel Vanderpoo: More roses, roses

interesting stuff. i wonder how much of the issue is that the rings 2/3 are supposed to be gone from EM64T, as the article says:

        In practice, only rings 0 and 3, the highest and lowest, are
        commonly used. OSes typically run in ring 0 while user programs
        are in ring 3. One of the ways the 64-bit extensions to x86 'clean
        up' the ISA is by losing the middle rings, 1 and 2. Pretty much no
        one cared that they are gone, except the virtualization folk.

seems like solution is to skip plain EM64T and go to VT enabled EM64T with -1 ring.

and there's still no word from AMD on what they got?

finally, part 4 not mentioned in the above links


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