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Re: [Xen-devel] atropos

Hi Stephan,

Could I have a look at your Atropos replacement?  I don't mind if it is
not finished yet, to be honest I'm getting kind of used to it on this
project :-) (my project, not Xen).  Do you think it would work (with
some minor tweaking by myself) on Xen 2.0.1?  I've patched Xenolinux in
2.0.1 quite considerably to give it MPLS support and "Click modular
router" support, and so I don't really want to move to Xen 2.0.4 (and
thus Linux 2.6.10) unless I really have to.



>  I'm still working at the Atropos replacement, but there a pretty
>version (EDF with some fancy addidtions) existing already. If you want
>have a look at that piece, just tell me and I'll send you a patch!
>At the moment I'm trying to implement and test performance enhancing
>but I hope to finish a beta soon! So stay tuned :)
>  Stephan

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