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RE: [Xen-devel] VGA extended text modes

>   Jared> I too, have failed to set any vga mode for any Xen
>   Jared> installation.  Could the developers confirm 1 more time that
>   Jared> it "works for them" (if indeed) and we can try to
>   Jared> characterize the bug more.
> Apologies for following up to this thread for the third time, but near
> as I can tell, this is an open issue.
> Can anyone (developers especially) confirm or deny operation of
> extended VGA modes in dom0?

To my knowledge I don't think any of us use extended VGA text modes. I
think we're just rather 'surprised' that it doesn't just work. After Xen
has relinguished the VGA console, domain 0 should be able to use it
however it pleases. 

However, how does dom0 set the extended text mode? I presume it doesn't
use a BIOS call. Perhaps it can't cope with the scroll state we leave
the console in?
The former would be a huge pain. Anything else is probably trivially
fixed once the cause is discovered.


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