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[Xen-devel] VGA extended text modes

  Edward> I am trying to get the hypervisor to run in an extended text
  Edward> modes,

  Ian> When dom0 takes over the VGA console (which is the default mode
  Ian> of operation) you can arrange to put it into whatever mode you
  Ian> like; you just won't get the initial boot messages from Xen in
  Ian> the extended text mode.

  Edward> I was looking at modifying the hypervisor because I couldn't
  Edward> get this to work and couldn't find a specific reference
  Edward> stating it was possible.

  Jared> I too, have failed to set any vga mode for any Xen
  Jared> installation.  Could the developers confirm 1 more time that
  Jared> it "works for them" (if indeed) and we can try to
  Jared> characterize the bug more.

Apologies for following up to this thread for the third time, but near
as I can tell, this is an open issue.

Can anyone (developers especially) confirm or deny operation of
extended VGA modes in dom0?

XenCD comes with a handy boot menu item to serve as a repeatable test
case :)

-- jared@xxxxxxxxxxx

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