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Re: [Xen-devel] Limiting Domains' Network Network Transmit Rate

On 25 Feb 2005, at 15:45, Ross C Mcilroy wrote:

What is the best way to get the current time for the credit scheduler?
It seems to me that previously netback used something like time
functions in the hypervisitors time.h/c.  Where were these functions
placed in the Linux kernel, and are they still there?  Is this the best
thing to use, or are there better ways of going about it now?  Please
excuse me if these are daft, I'm new to Kernel hacking and Xen.

Just go with a jiffy-accurate scheduler and expect users to set credit periods suitably large that the imprecision won't much matter. e.g., setting 2Mb credit every second is perhaps quite coarse-grained, but good enough control for most applications I think. If we need better then it can always be added later. Something simple that works is the way to go in the first instance.


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