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Re: [Xen-devel] Calculating real cpu usage of Xen domains correctly!

John L Griffin wrote:

However, I'm concerned that we're missing something bigger. This is my understanding of what the BLOCKED flag (and the surrounding code) means:
You may be correct here. The thing that leads me to believe that is the following. When I first start up domain-0, with no domain-U's running, the numbers for domain-0 seem right. Domain-0's usage jumps up to 100% after I create a domain-U. Once I've reached this point, it pretty much stays that way.

It makes me think someone something's triggering this behavior.

Which makes me wonder if something is seriously misbehaving to cause the weird CPU usage totals you're seeing -- like a yield()ed or block()ed
Do you have any ideas (or anyone else for that matter) on how to approach this? I'm afraid the impact of putting printk's in there would be too great. How does one typically debug scheduler issues?

I'm willing to spend some cycles looking into this.

Anthony Liguori

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