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Re: [Xen-devel] dynamic libraries

On 23 Feb 2005, at 23:14, Adam Heath wrote:

Well, we have the functionality in the build system already; it just
isn't the default.
Where is it stated that dynamic libraries must be compiled -fPIC? They
relocation info and so can be relocated wherever needed at run time.
less efficient (library relocated to different addresses cannot have
its text pages
shared across processes) but I don't see why it is *disallowed*.

If there's a suitably convincing explanation/reason then I will change
the default setting. :-)

Well, it just doesn't work at all on amd64, as well as other arches. It just
happens to work on i386, so most people never notice it.

Okay, can we just build -fPIC for static libraries as well, or do they have to be non-PIC?
Building the libraries twice seems weird to me. :-)

Another option is not to bother building dynamic libraries but to statically link libxc and libxutil. Avoids versioning problems and it's not like there's some big sharing win to
be had. Any strong opinions on this?

 -- Keir

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