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[Xen-devel] [PATCH] serial-split.c

A while back (probably a few months, actually) I saw others struggling
to make sense of nsplitd.  I had never managed to get nsplitd working
either, so I wrote a simple tool to split a serial port between two TCP
ports.  Rather than letting it rot on my disk, here's the patch.

cd into tools/misc/serial-split and run "make" to build it.

Usage is as simple as running "serial-split" with no args.  This will
(by default) split COM1 (running at 115200/8N1) between ports 12010 and
12011.  Attach gdb with "target remote localhost:12011".  Attach to the
console with (perhaps) "tools/misc/xencons localhost 12010".

Run "serial-split --help" for more help, or look at the comment at the
top of the file for a setup scenario.

Hope someone else finds this useful.

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