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Re: [Xen-devel] To use xcs or not?

Jacob Gorm Hansen wrote:

I am creating a graphics system where each VM draws into an OpenGL surface of a process running in dom0. I need to syncronize updates, ideally with the vertical blanking of the screen, but in the world of stupid PC hardware probably just with some refresh timer that my OpenGL process is tied to.

Neat, is this some sort of specialized application or are you implementing a virtual frame buffer?

So when the screen has been redrawn, I need to wake up my domUs, and for this I wanted to use the ctrl_if mechanism. I borrowed some code from vm-shutdown in the (very nice) vm-tools package, setup a semaphore in the guest kernel, and for every screen update I send an XCS_REQUEST (only type that seems to do anything) up to the domU.

This is probably a little overkill. If all you need is notification, you probably just want to setup your own evtchn.
This works fine for a little while (1000 updates or so), whereafter xcs seems to go into an infinite loop. I am going

xcs has some problems.  It needs some work.


Anthony Liguori

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