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[Xen-devel] VM-Tools 0.0.2

Hi all,

I've posted an updated version of VM-Tools. This version doesn't have many user-visible changes but is almost a complete rewrite. VM-Tools is slowly become what it is intended to be, a small library that provides high level APIs for managing Xen with some example command line tools.

This version includes a first pass at a library abstraction, a simple (and incomplete) Python binding using Pyrex, buffered console support, a virtual device abstraction (that's designed to eventually support DSOs), and lots of bug fixes.

This version still has some issues and I wouldn't recommend using it for production use but it's been used by a few people without any sort of data corruption.

One of the things I'd really like to see is a standard higher-level library and virtual device layer that was used by all tools (vm-tools, Xend, etc.). What does everyone else think? Is the VM-Tools library too high level for use in something like Xend?

As usually, I'd greatly appreciate any feedback on the tools/library.


Anthony Liguori

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