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Re: [Xen-devel] autotoolizing xen?

> Hi there!
> I was wondering what the general opinion on autotoolizing xen is? I am 
> volunteering to do so, if there is interest in updating the build system to 
> use autoconf, automake and/or libtool.
> Is one configure script for all of xen enough or do you want to be able to 
> configure all/some tools separately? I know that Anthony is no fan of 
> libtool... are there more reservations about some (or all:-) of the 
> autotools?

Autotooling the tools subdirectory would probably make sense, if that
could be done with few or no changes outside that subdirectory. Not
sure what you would do if you do a 'make dist' from the root Makefile
--- perhaps check for existence of tools/Makefile and run
tools/configure if it doesn't exist?

We could have the confiugure script at the root of the repository if
it wouldn't make things there more complicated.

 -- Keir

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