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Re: [Xen-devel] autotoolizing xen?

On Friday 18 February 2005 20:20, Jacob Gorm Hansen wrote:
> Instead, use a better build system. I am using Jam (which is public
> domain) for my stuff, and that works perfectly, and the build
> specifications are a lot simpler that the xen Makefiles.

Can Jam build shared libs nowadays? It was not able to when I last checked (or 
at least that was what was claimed on the mailinglist). That was the main 
reason not to use it back then. That was a while back, but I found jam to be 
horrible at that time... that there are several incompatible flavors of jam 
was a nasty surprise as well. Including the jam sources (which build system 
should you use to build it?) in my projects was never an option: I want my 
code in my repositories, not that of a buildsystem.

> For example, here is my Jamfile for tools/libxc:

A automake file is no more complex. A makefile is horrible to maintain, I 
agree with you there.

> Jam also handles all the tedious stuff like
> header-dependencies without littering your tree with .dep files, and
> having it output target files to a separate build-directory (which once
> you've tried it you will never want to live without, saves you a lot of
> 'make clean's) is trivial, just set a single variable at the top level.

Well, I did not like it too much when I tried it.


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