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Re: [Xen-devel] autotoolizing xen?

On Friday 18 February 2005 16:15, Ronald G. Minnich wrote:
> oh, please don't do this. I do not like those things at all.

Oh, neither do I, but having to set variables in Makefiles or setting them 
each time when calling make is even worse.

As xen keeps acquiring more and more dependencies (c++ for libio, some lib for 
persistent storage of settings might get added soon), different toolsets 
(xend and/or vm-tools if that makes it into the repository), 32 and 64 bit 
architectures, vanderbuild support,  more guest OSes, etc., the need for 
configuration will not be reduced. Plus the autotools work reasonably well, 
are fairly widely used and installed and packagers should have less trouble 
with a standard configure --with-some-options && make && make 
DESTDIR=/somewhere install than with the current system.

Feel free to suggest better alternatives, I am more than willing to look into 
others. So far I just have not found anything that worked better without 
giving up lots of flexibility that I occasionally end up needing and works 
everywhere I want to use it. OK, xen is somewhat Linux-centric at the moment, 
but other dom0-OSes are possible.


Tobias Hunger           The box said: 'Windows 95 or better'
tobias@xxxxxxxxxxx                     So I installed Linux.

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