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Re: [Xen-devel] serial port

No answers yet so I'll provide my own:

 - When I start up domains, the domain console seems to be
   listening on a high tcp port.  Is there a way to either fix
   the port or cause it to bind in a way that cannot be accessed

There is a "console = <port#>" option in "xm create" that fixes
the console port.  I would still prefer an option to bind to or use a unix domain socket instead.

 - Now that I'm using xen, I can still connect to my serial port
   but it appears "dead".  Is this because xen is using my serial
   port for diagnostic output?  Is there some way I can redirect
   the output to a different serial port or disable it entirely?
   I need the serial port for debugging another machine :)

This was my fault, my serial lines werent coming up in domain zero.
A rebuild of the kernel fixed it.

Tim N.

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