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[Xen-devel] NetBSD/Xen kernel fixups?


In the process of experimenting with Xen, and particularly NetBSD on Xen, I noticed that the Xen-patched NetBSD kernel, when invoking 'halt' or 'reboot' within NetBSD, it didn't exactly work like these do within Linux - the NetBSD domain would continue to spin (apparently invoking 'hlt' over and over?), but the domain would not terminate by itself, after running 'halt', and 'reboot' would try to reboot, but wouldn't succeed - it would claim it was trying to reboot, and stop.

I went in and added calls to HYPERVISOR_shutdown() and HYPERVISOR_reboot() in what appeared to be appropriate places, and now 'halt' and 'reboot' do work as expected. However, I'd also like to be able to use the 'xm shutdown' command from domain 0. Is there any interest in a patch to the netbsd-2.0-xen-sparse tree, that includes these changes? I'll have to research how one would execute a userspace command from within the kernel, as Linux does, to handle that operation.

Derrik Pates

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