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[Xen-devel] Trivial fix for vif-bridge

Hi guys

I have no idea if this was the right solution to the problem, but I've got a Debian/testing (latest packages) machine that I just ugpraded to Xen 2.0.4 from Xen 2.0.1.

I had the problem that the vif interfaces weren't up, so nothing was happening on the network. I've modified vif-bridge to contain the following line at the end:
ifconfig "$vif" up

The change fixed things, so I was just wondering if perhaps some change in bridge-tools means this is necessary. Anyone else having this problem?

A sample domain config affected is:
kernel = "/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.9-xenU"
memory = 256
name = "billy"

nics = 1
ip = ""
netmask = ""
gateway = ""
hostname = "billy.angrygoats.net"

disk = ['file:/servers/a/billy/rootfs,sda1,w', 'file:/servers/a/billy/swapfs,sda
2,w' ]
root = "/dev/sda1 ro"

Grahame Bowland                       Email: grahame.bowland@xxxxxxxxxx
University Communications Services    Phone: +61 8 6488 1175
The University of Western Australia     Fax: +61 8 6488 1109
                                     CRICOS: 00126G

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