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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen and VMware

Steven Hand wrote:

VMWare does some amount of paravirtualization, with all the VMWare tools that you need to install. In fact, Xen seems to be going in VMWare's direction (shadow page tables, writable page tables, binary rewriting, Vanderpool support) in some areas.

Hmm: - our shadow page tables are quite different to VMware's (as far as we can tell - there's no docs on their implementation details) - I don't think that writable page tables are something VMWare do since it only makes sense for paravirtualized memory systems.

- our binary rewriting is a tiny fraction of what they do and, in current default installs of xen 2.x, is not used at all. - we released VT support back in 2004; I don't believe VMWare ship anything supporting VT at present.

What I meant by that is that where Xen1 was purely in the paravirt camp, recent versions take more of a middle-of-the road stance, as Xen now sports functionality that does not strictly _have_ to be in the VMM, and does so in order to reduce the porting effort for new guest OSes.


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