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[Xen-devel] xen/ia64 and elilo relocation

I noticed that elilo occassionally loads xen/ia64 at: 0x14000000 instead of the 
0x4000000 (especially if you interrupt the loading process by pressing a key).

This results in TR map setup from: fffc000014000000 (virtual) -> 0x4000000 
Further, __alloc_bootmem() gives out fffc000004000000 as free memory and memsets it to 0. Now xen is going to insert a second TC from fffc000004000000 (virtual) -> 0x4000000 (physical) i.e. we have two virtual addresses mapping to the same physical address.

The memset essentially corrupts xen's text.

We have to figure out a way of telling elilo to always load xen at the same 
physical address. I thought the relocatable flag was off by default?


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