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Re: [Xen-devel] Status of save/migrate in xen-2.0.4?

At least that is a different error than I get :).

CTO @ Fotango Ltd

On 16 Feb 2005, at 21:09, Evan Bigall wrote:

fr.err 0)[DEBUG] Conn_sxpr< err=0

[1108587836.627764] xc_linux_save start 2

xc_linux_save start 2
Frame # in pfn-to-mfn frame list is not in pseudophys
Frame # in pfn-to-mfn frame list is not in pseudophys
4113 [WRN] XFRD> Transfer errors:
4113 [WRN] XFRD> state=XFR_STATE    err=1
4113 [INF] XFRD> Xfr service err=1


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