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RE: [Xen-devel] Xen and Vanderpool

BTW, docs/misc/VMX_changes.txt would answer such questions.

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I have a couple of questions about the support of Vanderpool by Xen : 

"Yes - works just fine. We can currently support an unmodified 
Linux kernel with fully virtualized devices, etc." 

I assume that for the virtualized devices you are using the same
Front-End device drivers as the current ones. Correct ? 

The work necessary to take benefit of the Vanderpool Technology should
be located in the Xen hypervisor. 
Does this require a brand new development or only some changes to the
current hypervisor ? 

Will most of these changes be compatible for the support of Vanderpool
on IA64 or will the work have to be done twice (for IA32 then for IA64)

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