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[Xen-devel] Proposal of talk about Xen at the Libre Software Meeting 2005


(I've tried several times to contact Xen developers through the xen-admin e-mail or directly Ian Clark with no answer as of today. As we are really interested in Xen, I post this call on a list that has a broader audience. Please Cc: me the answers because I'm not on the list. Thanks.)

Since the year 2000, the Free Software Community in France has been
organizing the "Libre Software Meeting", once a year [1]. This year,
LSM will take place in Dijon, to the East of France, from July 5th to
July 9th. LSM is a conference which basically consists mostly in
technical talks by Free Software developers and researchers, plus
societal talks as well.

Technical talks are split into several sections, ranging from high-level
programming languages to security and databases.  Ludovic Courtès
(CC'd) and I are responsible for the "Operating Systems and Kernel
Programming" topic this year.

We would be glad if someone from the Xen team could give a talk on Xen.
You could for instance start with an introduction of the issues and
needs in virtualization and then describe Xen's specifics, its
internals, how it's currently used and give an overview of what your
future research directions are.

Note that main User-Mode Linux designer and developer Jeff Dike
as well as people from the L4Ka team might as well give a talk this
year on their approaches to virtualization so it's probably worth emphasizing the differences amongst those approaches when introducing

Of course, you are very welcome if there are other topics you would like
to talk about, in the field of kernel and operating system development.

In the previous years, talks in the OS topic were given by core
designers and developers of the GNU Hurd (Marcus Brinkmann, Neal H.
Walfield), the main designer of the THINK framework (Jean-Philippe
Fassino), as well as developers of user-level tools such as OpenBSD's
libevent (Niels Provos) and bandwidth shaper Trickle (Marius Eriksen),
to name a few [2].



[1] 2005 : http://www.libresoftwaremeeting.org
    2004 : http://lsm2004.abul.org/rubrique2.html
    2003 : http://lsm2003.abul.org/
[2] http://wiki.ael.be/rmll2003/index.php/ThemeOperatingSystem
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