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Re: [Xen-devel] Problem with apache proxying between domains

Andrew Athan wrote:

What's the equivalent of strace on Windows XP?

Ah, right, you did say 240 was a windows box.

I don't know that your browser read any data at all.
It starts off with a 64K window - and if you notice
in the log, it just ramps down till it goes to zero.
Doesn't look like any data got pushed to the application.
205 (dom0) sure pushed a bunch of data out, so not sure
that the problem is between dom0 <-> dom1. At least,
no evidence yet of that.

If it's not too much trouble, could you also grab
a trace of a successful transfer?

I can strace the two apache processes on the Linux hosts, but not sure I can get useful information about the quicktime plugin in the browser.

Might help to collect stats off dom1, though.

By the way, dom1 is using swap which is an LVM volume in dom0. Could there be some kind of deadlock in which dom0's apache is blocking on a network read which dom1 cannot service because it needs swap, which dom0 cannot supply via LVM because the dom0 inter-domain stuff is "stuck" trying to service the apache inter-domain network request ??

See above - your trace is showing the exchange between dom0 and
the browser box, correct? It has a problem on the receiver end
(windows browser not reading) - double check that..

I needed to make progress, so I have punted on inter-domain apache proxying for now. However, I can set up a test config easily enough if that is of interest to the group. The missing packets are somewhat worrisome to me, since I would have thought that inter-domain communication was lossless.

Could be ethereal that's missing the packets, not
necessarily the interfaces that dropped them, stats would tell..


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