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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] VM-Tool: C-based Xen management tools

Mark Williamson wrote:

The current implementation sidesteps all these by specifying port IDs. e.g. port 1 on my root hub always belongs to VM1 (when running), port 2 on hub 3 always belongs to VM2 (when running), etc.
Yeah, I think we'll always have to support this as a fallback option.

Not sure the best solution here.  One of the reasons I've held off on USB.

For comparison, do you know what abstraction other systems do? Do they assign ports or associate devices with VMs?
Not sure. The only thing I know that does USB virtualization is VMware and I've not played with that feature (I think it's a relatively new feature).

udev/namedev have to deal with this to ensure that devices have a unique (and consistent) /dev entry. It currently uses a tiered approach to determine exactly what the device is. It's not perfect but it works reasonably well. The best link I could find explaining it with a quick google is:


A GUI would be really handy for PCI/USB because it would provide an easy way to pick devices by name (instead of specifying an series of identifiers/bus/etc in the config).

The latter is definitely an attractive option... If we added support for both ways of doing things, paranoid people (or people with weird devices!) could use the port specifiers, whilst others used device IDs.
I agree completely. I'm currently adding proper documentation to vm-tools but after that's done I'll add USB virtualization and try to implement a mechanism to select by device ID and push out another version to the list.


Anthony Liguori

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