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Re: [Xen-devel] giving access to device to another domain

> the physdev_dom0_hide permit to hide a device from dom0 in order to be used
> in a xenU.


> I suppose i have to add a (device (pci (bus xx) (dev yy) (func zz))) in the
> configuration file of the xenU domain. Do i have to compile something
> special in the kernel (like the device frontend/backend options) apart from
> the driver of the pci device i want to export to xenU ?

You'll need a kernel with PCI support and a driver for the device in question.  
YOu could just use the xen0 kernel.

> If lspci report this device like this :  0000:00:11.0
> How do i have to fill the xx yy and zz value in the config file (for bus,
> dev and function options) ? My guess is xx=0x00 (bus), yy=0x11 (dev) and
> zz=0x0 (func)

Sounds sane.  Note that the syntax is different for physdev_dom0_hide 
(something like "physdev_dom0_hide=(00:11.0)" should work but you should 
check your xm dmesg to be sure the device has been correctly hidden).


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