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[Xen-devel] direct_remap_area_pages() does not work for multiple pages?


I am trying to use the following code to map multiple pages from a DomU to
Dom0, but noticed some weird thing: when I change the content of the first
page at Dom0, DomU can see the change, but if I change the content of
pages after the first one, DomU cannot see any update. Why? I did check
the return value of function direct_remap_area_pages(...), the function
should execute succesfully.  This function can only map one page a time? I
checked the source code, it should be able to map multiple pages, why I
got this weird problem?  Please help!!! Thanks in advance!

direct_remap_area_pages(&init_mm, VMALLOC_VMADDR(bufmap_vma->addr),
                   mapcmd.bufmap_addr << PAGE_SHIFT,
                   PAGE_SIZE * SVDIF_BUF_PAGES, prot, mapcmd.domid);


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