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RE: [Xen-devel] saving domains

> > Well, maybe.  While "lighter weight" xend would be good, 
> maybe C would
> > be a better implementation language for that lightweight 
> tool?  Seems
> > like having the fat Python xend implementation use the fat Twisted
> > library makes sense...
> Jared, think you meant "little sense" ? ;)
> But otherwise, I agree. Is anyone tied to python as a solution?
> Wouldn't it be better to carve out a more robust alternative
> in C?

There's nothing wrong with using python, its just Twisted that turned
out to be a bad decision. I'd wager that a daemon written in python
using language level threads would be rather smaller (in code size) and
likely more robust than one written in C. I don't really buy the
resource usage argument as a python interpreter is just over 2.5MB RSS
and the daemon shouldn't be CPU intensive.


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