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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/2] netfront coding style clean-up (trivial)

> Resending, as it appears that the original didn't go out.
> -----
> My attempt at conforming netfront.c to the Linux Coding Style (according to 
> Documentation/CodingStyle).
> Patch attached (as it appears my spacing is off).

Thanks. Isn't there some tool which does this sort of thing
automatically? We've had bugs introduced before by so-called
coding style cleanups, so I'd prefer if there wasn't a human
doing most of the editing. (Though I'm sure you've been careful)

BTW, core xen doesn't actually use the Linux Coding Style, as we
prefer to have soft 4 space tabs rather than hard tabs. ('bsd'
style in emacs)

[This is not a cue to start a coding style flame war!]


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