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Re: [Xen-devel] Diff between std, xen0 and xenU kernel

And if I run programs in the xen0 instance, will it degrade perf of
xenU instances? Or render them less secure (in term of isolation)?

It won't matter to performance any more than running applications in the unprivileged instances would.

Regarding security you need to keep in mind that an attacker who gains root privileges in domain 0 will be able to get root privileges in every domain on the machine. Thus if you're running an internet-facing machine you should make sure that domain 0 exposes as few services to the internet as possible.

That means that I should make the domain-0 as small as possible abd run only, say, ssh to administer it, but nothing else. And create other domains (which are secure and unpriviledged) for real services.

Thanks for all informations.

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