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RE: [Xen-devel] agp and framebuffer (intelfb) - your milage may vary

If you apply the agp.patch, I'd be interested to know if this issue is
now fixed.

I think there's a pretty good argument for applying the patch be default


> with the patches/linux-2.6.9/{agpgart,drm}.patch patches applied
> (shouldn't there be a symlink to linux-2.6.10?) and this 
> ultrasimplitic
> (and probably WRONG!) patch, I have agp and the intelfb working in
> dom0.  I'll try other domains later today an post my results.  I would
> appreciate it if someone who knows the xen agp subsystem (in 
> particular
> the agp_acquire_backend) better would look over the intelfb.patch and
> post any improvements (I don't like taking out the checks made on
> agp_acquire_backend(), but with them left in, I get "intelfb: cannot
> acquire agp").
> Thanks,
> B.

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