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[Xen-devel] Cannot connect to console 13 on domain 1

with the unstable download this AM PST:
fc3 with current 2.6.10 build

- xend start
- xm create cfg2
- xm list ************ REMOTE CONSOLE EXITED *****************
Name              Id  Mem(MB)  CPU  State  Time(s)  Console
Domain-0 0 123 0 r---- 252.2 VM1 1 64 1 -b--- 18.7 9601

- xm console VM1
Cannot connect to console 13 on domain 1
************ REMOTE CONSOLE: CTRL-] TO QUIT ********

anyone seen this? I wanted to try and connect another xterm.

Sincerely, Woody Marvel   LTC Open Source Projects   Beaverton, OR
tel: 503-578-3833/775-3833      email: marvel@xxxxxxxxxx

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