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RE: [Xen-devel] debian python-install.patch (3 of 5)

On Mon, 7 Feb 2005, Ian Pratt wrote:

> I think the main point is that we're only too happy to put stuff into
> Xen to make it easier to build rpm/deb's etc. I'd like to have this
> stuff checked into our tree to minimize the downstream diffs -- if it's
> in the tree then we're more likely to remember to bare the requirements
> in mind with future changes. It also gives us (as in xen-devel) the
> opportunity to see how Xen is being packaged and provide
> comments/feedback, and perhaps encourage some kind of uniformity across
> the different vendor packages.

I feel the same.  That's why I am sending these patches upstream.

Not all need to be accepted.  But if they cause discussions, and a better way
can be found, then everyone benefits.

Have you guys seen any changes from any redhat/gentoo/slackware/suse/etc

> However, we still need to make sure that all the build options that are
> convenient for developers are still available, ideally as the default.

Yes, it must be easy for the developers.  They compile and test it way more
than any user will.

However, on that note, there will always be more users than there are
developers, so making things easy for them is worthwhile as well.

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