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Re: [Xen-devel] ATI Radeon 9600SE and intel-agp, again

Ian Pratt wrote:
intel-agp refuses to load because the call to MMU_SET_FOREIGNDOM (trying to give the I/O pages to dom_io) fails, because the pages are owned by dom0 instead of by dom_io. If I remove the ownership check in

get_page() (in Xen) I can load the module, but dom0 will crash when X tries to map AGP memory.

Have you tried since the following checkin:
48 hours        kaf24   1.1711  Fix ioremap() for local RAM pages

Yes, this is this is in the latest code from bkbits xeno-unstable.

arch/xen/i386/ioremap.c tries to call direct_remap_area_pages like this (the printk is mine)

printk("trying to remap addr %p phys %p size %d to DOM_IO\n",addr, phys_addr, size);

    if (direct_remap_area_pages(&init_mm, (unsigned long) addr, phys_addr,
                    size, __pgprot(_PAGE_PRESENT | _PAGE_RW |
                           _PAGE_DIRTY | _PAGE_ACCESSED
                           | flags), DOMID_IO)) {

the printk says:
"trying to remap addr d0900000 phys 3ff00000 size 262144 to DOM_IO"

And the call fails in Xen who claims that dom0 and not dom_io owns these pages.


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