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[Xen-devel] XenCD 1.0rc01 available

A release candidate for XenCD v1.0 (1.0rc01) is now available:


If no one flags any bugs with this release, it'll be promoted to
v1.0final without changes.

There is a roadmap defined in the README, but the community hasn't
weighed in much on the direction, so feedback is earnestly welcomed.

Changes in this version compared to 1.0pre02 include:

Major enhancements
  - This is the first release candidate (1.0rc01).  The package is no
    longer considered experimental, as the package now has more
    testing and reports of success.

  - The default distribution includes a larger set of packages and is
    now called "base" instead of "fat".  The ISO is still under 40 MB
    and hosts with 368 MB RAM are still supported.

  - The documentation has been significantly improved.  Additional
    introductory material appropriate to Xen newbies is included.
    There is an explicit roadmap.  The specific XenCD usage scenarios
    targetted for support are listed.  A list of common post-bootup
    tasks is included.  The supported boot options are documented.

Major bug fixes  
  - Memtest86 now works.  It now uses a full 1.44 MB floppy image and
    memdisk instead of only the binary.

  - ttylinux instances now have xenU kernel modules available in their

  - sysstat now starts collecting information upon boot, so iostat,
    mpstat, and other statistics can been collected.

Additional enhancements
  - Package changes:
    - Replaced dhcp-client with udhcpc for compactness and simplicity.
    - Added evms-cli for important command line administration of
    - Added htop to provide handy interactive process tree.
    - Added time to base package set to support benchmarking better.
    - Added x86info to base set for better error reporting.
    - Added bing and iftop for network analysis.
    - Added tree to help with browsing filesystems.
    - Removed dhcp server as no default configuration would be
      appropriate for the general population.
    - Removed tethereal as it was too large.
    - Removed scsitools as its functions were too low-level for common

  - Booting:
    - The exact variant and Xen tree used for a given build is
      provided in the GRUB menu, the ISO filesystem, and dom0's

    - No EVMS volumes are mounted by default.

    - metalog maintains fewer, but larger (500kb) files in /var/log by
      default (daemon, mail. user, ppp, and crond directories

  - Other:
    - The ttylinux rootfs distributed by the Xen project has been
      dropped from the XenCD distribution.  It is no longer needed
      since ttylinux rootfs's are created on-the-fly during boot from
      the original ttylinux distribution.

    - More documentation updates: The ISO filesystem structure section
      of the README was collapsed into the Implementation section.
      There's now a direct link to the Xen user documentation.  The
      TODO section was renamed ROADMAP.  THe "early, buggy release"
      caveat was removed.  A list of known issues has been included in
      the Caveats section.

    - The ISO volume has been munged to use the full product tag but
      shortened to fit into 32 characters.

    - The package has been tested on a 440 BX/GX host (2x PIII).

    - Wherever dd commands were used, the seek option is now used to
      create sparse files.

    - The build system now supports a lockfile to avoid concurrent
      builds and can optionally cook just the standard release or all
      releases at once.  It also sets the path in order to work
      properly from cron.

    - A fourth virtual terminal was added to dom0.

Additional bug fixes
  - The "pause for shell prompt" functionality turned on by the
    "doshellpause" boot option now works.  Instead of signal timeouts,
    the timeout switch of bash's read operator is used.

  - The boot option for "ttylinux + xen0" has been removed as it never
    seemed to function.

  - The character used to switch to the Xen console has been changed
    back to Control-A from the Control-X previously used.

  - The /sys filesystem is included in dom0's /etc/fstab by default.

  - Link /etc/mtab to /proc/mounts so df reports accurate information.

  - The build script no longer leaves metalog, chrony, and udev

-- jared@xxxxxxxxxxx

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