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Re: [Xen-devel] performance problems

Henning Glawe wrote:

It's odd to see such a drop in network performance unless you're on a
machine with a slow CPU. It should be possible to saturate a Gigabit
Ethernet (900Mb/s) with a relatively modern CPU. What are you using?

its an athlon XP 2100+, so it isn't _so_ slow...

if someone wants to take a look at the netpipe-tcp results:

I took a look at your results. Could you possibly
make available any stats that you collected, and
your system settings? (netstat -s, sysctl -a, ...)

One of the causes for poor performance might be that
the virtual domains are unable to utilize the greater
bandwidth across the virtual bridge using default
socket buffer sizes. Did you bump up the buffer sizes,
queue lengths, etc? A little tuning might help and
give a clearer picture of the real bottlenecks..


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