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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 3/3] Replace slab.c with a very simple allocator.

> slab.c in Linux is not a very nice piece of code: the version in Xen has
> been hacked a certain amount and is not a vision of beauty either.  
> Given how rare and non-time-critical dynamic allocations are in Xen,
> this replaces the 1800-line slab.c with a 160-line malloc.c which is
> written as simply as possible for future enhancement.
> Tested in userspace, boots Xen fine.


This turns out to be an oversimplification -- it doesn't boot for
me as exec_domain's aren't 16 byte aligned and hence fxsave

I think we want to ensure that the object returned is always
aligned to start on a L1 cache line boundary. I don't care that
we burn some memory as we don't have lots of small allocs.

Please could you adjust your patch having resync'ed from usntable.


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