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[Xen-devel] A few questions


I've just heard about Xen, and I'm thinking about using NetBSD 2.0 + Xen as a virtual server solution. However, I have a few questions to ask:

- I see there is no port for x86_64 yet; The server I'll be running xen from will be a Dual AMD Opteron 64 bits. Will Xen correctly work in 32-bit mode?

- No support for SMP on guest OS, right?

- Could you please enlighten me about the internals of xen, regarding network? How does it establishes the network with the host system? Can I run a firewall on a virtual server without any problems ?

- According to the site, a FreeBSD port should be close. Is there any date we can expect Xen ported to FreeBSD?

- Any plans to port to OpenBSD?

Xen seems like a great product; I'll love to try it out, even without SMP on my guest OSes! Very nicely done guys, I'll watch this project grow :-)

Best Regards

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