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Re: [Xen-devel] [patch 4/5] xen: netback mac selection

> Allow specification of backend vif MAC addresses. If a backend
> MAC is not provided, generate one as before

Jody, since this patch (4) changes one of the message formats I'm
applying it to just 'unstable' rather than 2.0-testing.

I've applied 1 and 2, and I think we came to mutual agreement on
dropping 5. The 'sysfs' parts of 5 may still be worthwhile, or
are they superseded by the proposed new 'xen bus' sysfs stuff?

Patch 3 is definitely worthwhile, though I'd appreciate it if you
could rework it as discussed. At the very least, we should seed
the random number generator off something better than system time
in seconds! It would be ideal if it was seeded from a string
containing the config file and all the variables passed to it.


        Fix incorrect result-check in xlvbd_init_device

        Fix the device number calculation for /dev/hd* device names;
        ide device numbering works differently to scsi

        Check for duplicate supplied vif MACs, and make sure
        that randomly generated MACs for a domain are all different

        Allow specification of backend vif MAC addresses. If a backend
        MAC is not provided, generate one as before

        Allow (1) the making of both frontend and backend vif MACs read-only
        (independently), (2) the addition of some xen-specific sysfs attributes
        on front/back vifs, (3) an option to set several vif defaults in a 
        config file, for ease of use when creating multiple vifs.

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