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[Xen-devel] RFC: Creation of virtual bus, hook-up of Xen devices

For many purposes on a Linux system, it is required to have devices
export themselves via the device infrastructure (exposed via sysfs) to
allow for reasonable user-space probing and discovery of available
devices.  This is especially useful/necessary for things like installing
to guest systems.

The attached patch is a first pass at starting to get something along
these lines for Xen devices to hook into.  Provided sysfs bits
are /sys/bus/x/devices/netN for each xen_net device
and /sys/bus/x/drivers/xen_{net,blk} as points for the xen_net and
xen_blk drivers.  I haven't actually really hooked up the xen_blk
devices yet as I think that getting some of the base infrastructure
committed first will make that a little better.  Also, there's
definitely more that can be done in terms of cleaning up netfront to
better take advantage of the fact that there's a struct device
associated with each net_device instead of keeping track of all of the
generic bits in the net_private struct.



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