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RE: [Xen-devel] Reproducable data corruption on xen-unstable

> 3. Download http://www.greenrd.org/sw/fptest/ which should be 100%
> deterministic, but running under Xen-unstable, it isn't. It reads no
> input, and just does lots of floating point tests.
> 4. Build it with ./build
> 5. Start up a Konsole and run ./test to run the test 100 times.
> - Note it will NOT fail if you are using an xterm (presumably 
> because they 
> use different rendering techniques, and presumably the 
> technique used by
> xterm makes this memory corruption or whatever it is much 
> less likely to 
> occur).

I've tried running two copies of fptest concurrently to see if there was
some rare race with fp save/restore, but they've been running in a loop
for a couple of hours now without any problems. I've also tried having
two domains on the same CPU use FP, again no problem.

As you surmise, the problem may be due to the drivers for your graphics
card. I think it must be fairly specific to your setup otherwise I think
we'd have seen it before.

Are you using agpgart? Can you get your graphics card working without


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