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[Xen-devel] Re: Multiple network interfaces setup

Goetz Bock wrote:

> On Mon, Jan 31 '05 at 15:28, Lukas Kubin wrote:
>> I found the scripts for network interfaces and bridges setup
>> (/etc/xen/scripts) in last versions of Xen really useful. But I need to
>> utilize more physical interfaces available on server. [ ... ]
>> Do I have to perform such setup "by hand" or the current scripts can do
>> it for me somehow?
> I've just replaced the network script with a shell script that returns
> true/0 and done all the presetup by hand.
> The vif-bridge script is called when a new domain's interface comes up.
> It looks like if you can pass a bridge name to the vif-bridge script,
> from the config file. Maybe that's enough for your needs.

I have 2 nics, and it works for me by a small change to /etc/init.d/xend:

I simply include an additional call to /etc/xen/scripts/network before xend
start and after xend stop to set up the second interface. 

Hope this helps.

# xend          Script to start and stop the Xen control daemon.
# Author:       Keir Fraser <keir.fraser@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
# chkconfig: 2345 98 01
# description: Starts and stops the Xen control daemon.

case "$1" in
        /etc/xen/scripts/network start bridge=xen-br1 netdev=eth1
        xend start
        xend stop
        /etc/xen/scripts/network stop bridge=xen-br1 netdev=eth1
        xend status
        xend restart
        # do not advertise unreasonable commands that there is no reason
        # to use with this device
        echo $"Usage: $0 {start|stop|status|restart|reload}"
        exit 1

exit $?


-Barry Flanagan

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