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Re: [Xen-devel] isa_bus_to_virt_needs_PRIVILEGED_BUILD


So far I thought the xen0 kernel was only to be used for the
first domain (which is called domain 0 in the documentation,
hence my confusion).

After reading the docs more thoroughly, I discovered the
concept of 'driver domains' which can be used as 'backends
for other domains'.

So, apparently you can use xen0 kernels more than
once on a machine, and you can use them to support

But what is a backend domain, and how does it connect
to a driver domain?

Is that described somewhere?


M.A. Williamson wrote:
Does anyone know how I can detect if some hardware is actually assigned
to some domain (apart from loading the device driver)? lspci
does not work (/proc/bus/pci not present).

lspci should Just Work(TM). Are you using a xen0 kernel in that domain? The xenU kernel doesn't have any PCI support.



PS: The doc error:
  pci_dom0_hide=(xx.xx.x)(yy.yy.y)... should be

Keir Fraser wrote:
>>What does this mean? Having read the FAQ I can guess what
>>it means, but will this be solved eventually?
> > > What version of Xen is this? Looking at ioremap.c I don't see how your
> build can fail -- __ioremap() is conditional on
> CONFIG_XEN_PHYSDEV_ACCESS, as is the definition of isa_bus_to_virt in
> asm-xen/asm-i386/io.h. i.e., if isa_bus_to_virt is not defined, then
> neither is __ioremap.
> >  -- Keir

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