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Re: [Xen-devel] Problems with networking

Brett Lentz (Excell Data Corporation) wrote:

Can you verify that when Xen boots it displays Xen 3.0 devel?
I tried cloning the xen-2.0 bk tree recently, and Xen says 3.0 when it
boots (and when it compiles too), but I haven't been able to get it to

This is correct. I cloned the tree yesterday, compiled it, and
everything seems to be working..

OK. Since you're able to get it working, I'll try again to apply
the latest bk tree.

In short, you can't redirect specific type of traffic with just

That's unfortunate.

You can assign an IP address to the virtual NIC of each domain (NOT on
the vif.n).
Which means you'll have an IP address for web server, and a different
IP for your mail server.

So, it's the configuration of the virtualized eth device that matters,
not the vif?

YES! Most times you don't need to bother with vif setup.
The only exception is if you also have different VLANS for different networks on your server, which means you have to assign which bridge the vif belongs to
(by default all goes to xen-br0).

It IS possible to make outside world thinks they have the same IP
address, but that will involve iptables and/or ipvs. Harder to setup.

I can forsee this being a very common installation scenario for Xen. Perhaps developing a basic HOWTO and getting it added to the Xen
documentation would be a good idea?
One would argue that it is the job of firewall and/or load balancer, not Xen :)



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