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RE: [Xen-devel] Porting Xen

> Is there documentation on porting Xen 2.0 to freebsd that 
> could be modified to document how to port xen to Openbsd?
> (An item checklist would be real handy)

Is OpenBSD closer to FreeBSD than NetBSD?
Maybe Kip Macy can supply a change list of what he had to do for
FreeBSD. Things may be slightly easier now the "writeable pagetable"
interface is available (the Linux 2.6 port uses this).  

> Ditto for Xen running in 64 bit mode.

x86_64 port is still work in progress.

> Will Xen64 support 32-bit operating systems?

Doesn't seem much point running 32 bit paravirtualized guests (it will
still run 32 bit user space), and it makes life easier not to. However,
there are plans to run 32 and 64  bit unmodified guests on a 64 bit
hypervisor (as well as 64bit paravirtualized guests) using Intel VT


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