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Re: [Xen-devel] BAD gzip hdr on all 2.0 trees?

On Fri, Dec 17, 2004 at 02:00:23PM -0800, Magenheimer, Dan wrote:
> I am bk-clone'ing not bk-pull'ing so parent is irrelevant,
> correct?  (I rm'd earlier an 2.0 tree thinking that might
> have been the problem.)

Well, you don't have a parent until you have a repo.  But if you still
have an old repo around, you can use that to bootstrap past the current
problems with bkbits[1]; I just upgraded an ancient xeno-unstable.bk
tree to xen-2.0.bk by the following:

% bk clone -ql xeno-unstable.bk xen-2.0.bk
% cd xen-2.0.bk
% bk parent bk://xen.bkbits.net/xen-2.0.bk
% bk pull
takepatch: 5242 new revisions, 0 conflicts in 698 files
% bk changes -L

That's a pretty sizable pull right there, and it worked perfectly.

> Also, why would it work with xeno-1.2.bk but not with the 2.0
> trees?

There's some issue on bkbits that's resulting in these problems.  Might
be something like a full filesystem, or a wierd wedged process holding a
lock.  But the whole point of BK's distributed system is that there
doesn't have to be a single-point-of-failure; you can get your
changesets from elsewhere and it doesn't matter to BK.  And  that
"elsewhere" can certainly be a local repo at a previous version.

[1] As far as I can tell, it's only a problem with clones, not with
    pulls.  Maybe it's just Larry's way of telling you "bootstrap from
    your local clones, people!" :)

    BK is *really* good at saving bandwidth and time this way.  It
    boggles my mind to see people cloning from bkbits all the time.
    I don't think I've done a remote clone of any of the trees I follow
    in *months*.  Instead, I do a local clone, 'bk repogca', 'bk undo',
    followed by pull.


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