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Re: [Xen-devel] network dropouts

> > And maybe your switch is good, but 3c590 *is* an ancient p.o.s. ;-)
> Well, comparing it to rtl-8139 based cards, I think 3com is better, IMHO 
> ;-). All the eepro cards are in more important machines...

With the RTL8139 you are not setting a high bar. :-)

> So, do you think that the problem is in the NIC? `ifconfig` says 
> "carrier: 0"...
> I could replace it with some Realtek-based card. Is there anything else 
> I can do?

It's unlikely due to a badly-designed NIC. More likely some piece of
your hardware is marginal and needs replacing. Try swapping out the
NIC, the cable, and the switch, in turn. If you have no alternative
switch then try a different switch port at least.

'carrier: 0' means nothing really. Working systems show that. :-)

 -- Keir

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