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Re: [Xen-devel] Re: xen-unstable.bk

> Thanks for the reply.  IIRC, the bk revision number is not
> guaranteed to remain constant across time, correct?  E.g.
> if someone checks in a branch based on a previous version,
> do the later branch numbers change?
> In any case, I'm still wondering if it might be time to have
> some kind of fixed release mechanism, perhaps starting with 2.0.2?.
> Is it at least possible to tag a bk revision (as in CVS)
> so "bk clone -rXEN_2_0_2 ..." works as expected and always
> gets the same bits?  Otherwise, using the method Adam suggests to
> select a version to base a patch off of is kind of a crapshoot.

We are now doing that. Try 'bk changes -t'. You'll see two
2.0.1-tagged changesets -- however, if you refer to that tag in any BK
command then BK will always pick the right one (the later one).

e.g., bk clone -rRELEASE-2.0.1 <src> <dst>

 -- Keir

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